Aetll is a fashion surrealism photographer
and designer who constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion, art, and realism.

Thriving on the intersections of fashion and fiction, her work creates a sense of balance between the absolute and the abstract, so
as to inspire audiences to reimagine what fashion is, and what it can be.



LASALLE 2020 Cohort Fashion Project, titled "PHANTASMAGORIA".

"PHANTASMAGORIA" was a project done by the Year 2 Fashion Media & Industries students in LASALLE.

This project is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and aims to be a message
of hope to the world that art can be a way for us to cope with everything going on in the world – a reminder that there is beauty wherever we look for it.

"PHANTASMAGORIA" is comprised of three acts, beginning with the first, "SUFFOCATION",  the second act, "TRANSFORMATION" and the final act, "LIBERATION".

The following series of images are from the final act, “LIBERATION”. 
Creative Direction:
Yeo Tian Poh & Kevin Tew
Photography: Aetll
Fashion Styling: Yuan Kun
Hair and Makeup:
Teo Jia Xuan & Sindhu D/O Manokaran
Set Design:
Danessa Tong, Denise Chong &
Siti Mariam
Videography: Ethan Lai
Model: Wiley Wong of Mannequin Studio