Aetll is a fashion surrealism photographer
and designer who constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion, art, and realism.

Thriving on the intersections of fashion and fiction, her work creates a sense of balance between the absolute and the abstract, so
as to inspire audiences to reimagine what fashion is, and what it can be.


LEICA x Such A Mood: Phantasm

Photographed for the LEICA x SUCH A MOOD Artist Exhibition at Telok Ayer Arts Club.

These images were taken as part of an exhibition commissioned by Leica Singapore.
The series was inspired by two nightmares experienced by the artist, in which she experienced visions of body horror and the inability to breathe or move, trapped in
limbo. These images were created to replicate the emotions of pure despair and desperation as experienced in her nightmares. 

Creative Direction & Photography: Aetll
Hair and Makeup: Pris Wong
Styling: Kelly Hsu
Models: Serena Jane and Claire Lee
of Misc. Management, Keith Wong