A reimagined sustainable brand concept.
Inspired by the self-sufficient nature and teachings of Thai culture, KAO
was conceptualised and developed as a brand that focused on purity and sustainability. 'Kao' means 'rice' in Thai, and taking the idea of rice as the inspiration for our brand was due to the significance of rice in Thai culture,
as well as the versatility of such a staple in people’s lives.

Working closely with fashion designers, we created a sustainable line of transformable and wearable garments made of unbleached cotton and ethically sourced buttons, zips and other additions, remaining true to the brand essence of KAO. 

Creative Direction & Fashion Styling: Yeo Tian Poh
Photography: Aetll
Filming & Editing: Farid & team
Production Assistant: Vrinda Maheshwari Garment Design: Chloe Isabella & Wyona Pang