Disillusionment of a Belief


Disillusionment of a Belief is a fashion project that explores the intersection where faith and fashion coexist, and how one develops a sense of newfound individuality within the boundaries of their faith. It follows the journey of self-discovery, going through the process of questioning one’s self-perception, their faith, and the gradual acceptance and rebirth that follows.

Growing apart from what one once believed in is a part and parcel of life, and the space that faith inhabited is left empty with many questions left unanswered – and so we are left to our own devices to answer these questions.

This project serves as a vessel for the artist to express the personal struggle experienced daily with the growing ambiguity harboured towards their own faith over the years, as they delve deeper into the inner conflict and unlearn the binds of faith and self.

You may view the fashion film in full and more at disillusionmentofabelief.com.
Creative Direction and Photography: Aetll
Garments, Styling & Movement Direction:
Josh Tirados Suarez
Hair & Makeup: Luk
Director of Photograhy: Edward Tang
Camera Assistant: Imran Hakim
Grip: Justinn Lim
Set Design: Danessa Tong
Set Assistant: Yeo Tian Poh
Models: Serena Jane & Lisa Van Duren
of Misc Management
Location: The Projector

Special thanks to Darien Chuan and Keith Wong for making this project possible.